We are pleased to present to you ‘Healthy Denbighshire’, our second Health Social Care and Well-being Strategy. Healthy Denbighshire builds upon the great work started in our first strategy, which was produced in 2005.  Our aim now is to build on all of this good work to continue to improve the health of the population of Denbighshire.

A wide range of factors affect our health and well-being; this is why it is important to continue to work in partnership with a range of organisations.  In Denbighshire local organisations have worked well together to respond to local needs and we need to continue to improve on this. 

Healthy Denbighshire is set out simply to allow people to use it
easily. The strategy reflects our needs assessment, looks at what we have done so far and what we are going to do in the future.

Healthy Denbighshire is a living document that continues to change and evolve. The strategy is regularly reviewed by the Partnership through the Inter Agency Performance management Group.


Sally Baxter

Chief Executive, Denbighshire Local Health Board


Cllr. Pauline Dobb

Denbighshire County Council